estimating neutron rate using USRTRACK

From: Tang, Alfred (
Date: Fri Mar 16 2007 - 20:35:27 CET

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    Dear FLUKA users,
    I am trying to use USRTRACK to estimate the muon-induced neutron rate in a liquid scintillator. I use a realistic muon profile as input and propagate the muons through a realistic detector. I measure the track lengths of muon, neutron and neutron balance of the LS region and hope to deduce an estimate for the neutron rate Rn as follow:
    where Rmu=muon rate on the LS region, A=neutron_tracklength/muon_tracklength, B=neutron_balance/muon_tracklength and C=sqrt(3). A has the meaning of the ratio of the fluence of the neutron and the fluence of muon. B hopefully gives me the number of neutrons per primary muon. Assuming that the tracklength of neutron is measured only along the direction parallel to the muon track, the factor C=sqrt(3) is meant to convert neutron fluence into neutron rate.
    Since I do not know how FLUKA score tracklength, I do not know if my assumptions are correct. If I am right in assuming the things aforementioned, I am able to calculate a neutron rate for KamLAND that agrees with the experimental result exactly. Can anyone comment on the correctness of this calculation?

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