Re: Source.f problem...?

From: Marco Mauri (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2007 - 11:47:48 CET

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    Hi Preeksingh!

    In your source.f file the coordinates of the source particle are set by:

          XFLK(NPFLKA) = 425.00
          YFLK(NPFLKA) = 0.0
          ZFLK(NPFLKA) = 150.00

    This is a point-like source.
    If you want to sample the coordinates of the source particle in a circle
    of radius 157 cm and center in (125,0,150) I think you should use
    something like this:

    r = 157d0 * SQRT(FLRNDM(dummy))
    alpha = TWOTWO * PIPIPI * (FLRNDM(dummy))
    XFLK (NPFLKA) = 125d0 + r * COS(alpha)
    YFLK (NPFLKA) = r * SIN(alpha)
    ZFLK (NPFLKA) = 150d0

    Moreover in your source file you read an energy value from the data file
    each time source routine is called.
    This force you to have a maximum number of histories equal to the lines
    of the file.
    I think it would be better to load all the data into an array at the
    first call of the routine and then choose a random event each time a
    source particle is generated.

    Marco wrote:

    >Dear Markus
    > Thank you very much for your advice. So, I
    >want to explain my problem first, I knew a number
    >of neutron for each KE. Then, I "approximated" it
    >as the annular beam above my monitor and let's my
    >input read the KE for each neutron from file by
    >used the Source.f which I change it for made the
    >annular beam at radius = 157cm and the position
    >x,y,z = 125,0,150. I also attached input, source.f
    >and for mgdraw.f, i just added the line at USDRAW
    > if(icode.eq.300.and.mmtrck.eq.5)then
    > write(61,*)icode,np,mmtrck,ktrack
    > endif
    > Preeksingh...

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