Re: Opening file within SOURCE user routine

From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Apr 04 2007 - 16:16:28 CEST

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    Hi Frances,

    the reason it doesn't work is that the job is running in a
    temporary subdirectory, and the file you want to open is in the
    original directory.
    So, instead of
    OPEN(UNIT = 21.0, FILE = 'spectrum.dat'
    you should have
    OPEN(UNIT = 21.0, FILE = '../spectrum.dat'

    Otherwise you can use the OAUXFI routine, as suggested by Paola: in this case
    the program will find automatically where the file is.


    On Wed, 4 Apr 2007, Burge, F (Frances) wrote:

    > Hello all,
    > I am trying to modify the SOURCE user routine to read in a file
    > containing spectrum data, so that I can then sample photon energies from
    > this spectrum.
    > I have included a Fortran OPEN statement in the initialisation part of
    > SOURCE to do this, as instructed in the fluka manual, and have been able
    > to compile the routine and link it to create a new fluka exe. However
    > when I run this exe it apparently cannot open the spectrum data file. I
    > have been able to open and read it with a separate Fortran program,
    > using very similar statements to the ones I include in the SOURCE
    > routine, so I don't think there is anything wrong with the spectrum file
    > itself. I was thinking that maybe it has to be saved in a particular
    > directory, but I've tried specifying the full path to it and it still
    > doesn't work.
    > Can anyone advise me what I need to do to get the file to open? I've
    > attached the relevant section of SOURCE as a text file.
    > Many thanks,
    > Frances
    > Frances Burge
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