RE: what is subroutine SFLOOD?

From: Valery Taranenko (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2007 - 21:22:35 CEST

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    This subroutine (like many others) is compiled into libFlukaHP.a library.
    You can see it by issuing command under Linux: "strings libflukahp.a | grep
    -i sflood". OK we found it. Now you need to write your own auxiliary fortran
    code (where you basically call that external subroutine) and compile it
    with Fluka. All that explained in a great detail in the manual.


    BTW, it would be nice to have a list of subroutines compiled into a library
    along with declarations and a short (really short) comments on what it does.
    This example with SFLOOD reveals a need for that. Sampling a uniform filed
    inside a sphere is very typical task and SFLOOD is definitely very helpful
    here. User will be able to search the description and find what is needed.


    By doing: "strings libflukahp.a | grep -i "\.f$" | sort -u | wc" I found
    1266 fortran subroutines compiled into the library.


    What about ROT source? ROT-rotation symmetrical source, i.e. emission
    points are sampled uniformly on a cylinder with Z-component of directional
    cosine is always zero, and X and Y components of dir cos-s are sampled
    inside a cylinder, again, uniformly (cosine distribution on a cylinder
    relative to normal with zero Z-component for direction). Should I program
    SOURCE for this source?



    Thank you.








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    Subject: what is subroutine SFLOOD?


    Dear FLUKA Users


    Alfredo Ferrari guided me to use subroutine SFLOOD to simulate cosmic ray (
    an uniform and isotropic fluence) but I couldn't find any explanation about
    this subroutine in the manual.

    Where can I find this subroutine?It isn't one of the pre-defined fluka

    What is the relation between SFLOOD and SOURCE routine?

    How can I call and activate SFLOOD?

    Where can I find more explanation about it?


    Thanks in advance


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