Re: Kinks in neutron momentum distribution (Revised)

From: Alfredo Ferrari (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 23:06:07 CEST

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    Dear Joseph

    there is no reason that PEATHRESH solves the kinks at 20 and 400 MeV, it
    should have no effect at all, particularly on the first.

    Please look carefully at the spectra, there is no kinks, only the expected
    physics features (quasielastic peak, evaporation peak etc).

    On Tue, 17 Apr 2007, Joseph Comfort wrote:

    > Hi Paola,
    > Thank you for the new information, and corrections to the groups. Here
    > are my corrected results. The 'normal' case is without PEATHRESH. I
    > agree that the kink near 19.6 MeV is not as dramatic as one of the
    > original figures suggested, due to binning. However, there is (was)
    > also a kink near 400 MeV, where there was no change in binning. In my
    > opinion, one or both kinks are still present in the figure you showed.
    > However, the PEATHRESH option essentially removes the kinks, and hence
    > that issue. My new plots are adjusted for the equivalent of equal
    > binning in momentum, rather than kinetic energy.
    > I have also attached a figure of the neutron momentum distribution over
    > the full range, communicated to you privately earlier. There is a
    > change in slope above 6 GeV/c with the PEATHRSH option. You responded
    > that the old model had a change in algorithm at 5 GeV/c, and the new one
    > is valid over the whole range. I guess I'm a little surprised that the
    > new model has a bend, whereas the older model does not. I don't have
    > data handy for comparisons, and I'm willing to accept it as being
    > correct. So I'm basically ready for production.
    > Thank you,
    > Best regards,
    > Joe

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