Re: Kinks in neutron momentum distribution (Revised)

From: Joseph Comfort (
Date: Tue Apr 17 2007 - 23:23:22 CEST

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    Hi Alfredo,

    Sorry, our eyes seem to differ. The dip near bin 72 (19.6 MeV) is
    partly filled in by the red distribution, and may be a better
    representation of the physics you mention. The red distribution
    completely wipes out the kink (dip) near bin 92 (~400 MeV neutron
    kinetic energy). The only difference between the two cases is the
    PEATHRESH card. If I had included this card at the beginning, I would
    never have had a cause for concern. I need to parameterize a function
    to fit the distribution, and the kinks I saw were not helping. As always,

    Best regards.

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