what I did wrong?

From: santosa@batan.go.id
Date: Tue May 22 2007 - 00:36:02 CEST

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    Dear FLUKA users,

    I am learning FLUKA to simulate subcritical assembly of ADS.
    I have downloaded and installed flair then follow the
    step-by-step of n_TOF simulation, seem all are works fine.

    Now, I am trying EURISOL example, transferring from
    non flair input into flair, but it doesent work. Herewith
    I attach the files to get some helps from you so that
    I know exactly what I did wrong in conversion.

    Please give me some pointers.
    (Note that I can not put END before GEOEND).

    I am looking forward to hearing your helps.
    Thank you very much.

    Santosa Slamet.-

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