about BXDRAW or region problem

From: Yung-Shun Yeh (adair.py94g@nctu.edu.tw)
Date: Mon May 21 2007 - 19:57:51 CEST

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    Dear all,

    I am simulating neutron propagation in a water ball and getting the
    properties of neutrons across some boundaries. But I encountered some
    problem when I used the subroutine bxdraw in mgdraw.f to get the
    informations in boundaries. Let me describe the detail, there are two
    homocentric balls made of water. One's radius is 5 cm, the other's is 10 cm.
    And the neutron source is put on the center and is isotropic. I can take
    data in 10cm boundary, but can not in 5cm boundary. I don't know where I am
    wrong ? Could anyone give me instrucions? Thanks very much!
    Attached is my input file and mgdraw.f and source.f.

    Best regards,

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