[fluka-discuss]: RE: dose deposition in a detector from an activated target

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Dear Adela

I am afraid there is no straightforward solution with the present public FLUKA release.

I guess you are aware that for standard activation calculations (RADDECAY/What(1)=1) you can associate scoring to either contributions from the prompt or residual radiation (with a DCYSCORE card). I suggest to investigate if this mode allows you to obtain the wanted results.

You didn't post details of your geometry thus just some thoughts:

- Dosimeters are often small and of light materials. Are you sure that it indeed alters your radiation field or that it gets activated such that this would change your result?

- Can you run in a geometry without dosimeter and score a quantity (at the position of your dosimeter) that takes into account the response (or its similarity to the one of air) or calibration of it (e.g., energy deposition in air, dose equivalent, fluence folding with conversion coefficients, etc.)

Hope this helps


PS: the link to the activation lecture of the Beginners course for further information

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Dear all,

I want to simulate the irradiation of a target by a proton beam, and then, at a certain cooling time after the irradiation, I want to calculate the dose deposition in a dosemeter from the residual radiation coming from the activated target. The dosemeter is close to the target. I guess I can do this calculation in a single simulation, so in my geometry I have modelled both the target and the dosemeter. However the beam is broad and the dosemeter is partially inside the field and I don't want the dosemeter to be irradiated by the primary beam (and neither by secondary particles produced during proton irradiation). I want to find a solution as if the dosemeter was there only after the irradiation, so that it is only irradiated by the residual radiation from the target. The card that looks most appropriate to me is TIME-CUT but I didn't manage to make it work. But even if it worked I don't think it is the ideal solution because as far as I understood this card only acts on the scoring. So it would not prevent the presence of my dosemeter to alter the proton beam, especially if I want to place it for example in front of the irradiated face of the target. Or if the dosemeter gets activated by the proton beam, it will be included in the scoring. Then I tried with WW-FACTOR and WW-THRESHOLD in an attempt to simply set zero importances for protons and neutrons inside the dosemeter, but I couldn't manage neither. And again, even if I managed, this solution would not be appropriate if I want to place the dosemeter in front of the irradiated face. How can I solve this problem?

Thank you very much in advance,


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