[fluka-discuss]: Creation of Phase Space

From: Federico Geser <fgeser_at_famaf.unc.edu.ar>
Date: Mon, 8 May 2017 15:58:46 -0300

Dear FLUKA experts,

I'm trying to create a phase space for my simulation containing some of the
relevant quantum variables (kinetic energy, position, movement direction
for the different particle types involved, primaries and secondaries).

I have two questions requiring help/hint from FLUKA experts:

1) I know that some Monte Carlo codes (PENELOPE for example) incorporate
relative simple ways to compute phase spaces as well as their further use
for simulations. Is there any easy process (may be input card) to handle
phase space generation/lecture in FLUKA (directly by means of FLAIR, or

2) Besides the existence of such a way, I would really appreciate to get
some information about some variables in FLUKA in order to be capable of
programming my own routine for phase space management. Following step by
step the FLUKA manual I found that the mgdraw.f subroutine appears as an
option to this aim. However the control criterion for phase space
activation seems to be "interaction", but I really need to control the
phase space activation by "crossing a surface" or "entering a body" (after
that I would stop/"kill" the particle). Thereby, I am interested in knowing
the internal variable name used by FLUKA for the bodies/regions,i.e. how
body or region indices are handled? And which are the associated
subroutines where they are defined/accessible? Moreover, is there any
internal counter for labeling all simulated particles, as NP counts for the
primary showers?

As I mentioned, I have followed FLUKA manual instructions and I have tried
with mgdraw.f routine without success at the moment, due to the limitation
associated with the implemented control criterion (physical interaction
unlike something associated to particle position). In this context, I am
wondering if the mgdraw.f routine is a good or bad starting point to create
phase space as I need (value of quantum variables after crossing a surface
or entering a body/region).

Any help/hint by FLUKA experts is really appreciated,

Thanks in advance,


                                                           Lic. Federico
Alejandro Geser,
                                          PhD. Student – Of. 232 - FAMAF
                                                         Córdoba CONICET -

    D.N.I.: 34.682.776.

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