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Date: Fri Jun 15 2007 - 19:28:09 CEST

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    Hi Mausumi,

    In order to kill all low-energy neutrons below the group transport
    boundary one should use LOW-BIAS with WHAT(1) set to 1, i.e., selecting
    the highest energy group as cut-off boundary (inclusive). If you want to
    select a even higher neutron cut-off PART-THR has to be used which will
    then also stop the low-energy neutron group transport.

    no neutron transport below 19.6 MeV
    LOW-BIAS 1.0 0.0 Reg1 Reg2

    no neutron transport below 500.0 MeV

    However, in case you use a material name not being part of the library
    (check LOW-MAT and the manual) you still will have to define the
    corresponding material.

    Evidently, if you use a DEFAULTS which is not using low-neut transport
    (e.g., EM-CASCA), this would not be necessary but in this case you
    should check that these defaults are conform with what you're looking
    for (see the manual for that).

    hope this helps, cheers


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    > Hi,
    > In a problem regarding transmission of muon through a
    > plutonium slab with DEFAULT option NEW-DEFAult, it is showing
    > that low energy neutron cross section is not found. If I want
    > to avoid neutron transport, which DEFAULT option should I use
    > or what else to do?
    > Regards
    > Mausumi

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