[fluka-discuss]: K alpha of Copper and Bragg peak

From: Javier Lozano Díaz <jlozano_at_clpu.es>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 13:05:52 +0200

Dear Fluka experts.

I have a problem with my simulations concerning the K alpha experiment in
copeer and Bragg peak. They are the following:

*K alpha of Copper: *(see proton k alpha.flair and inp)

We send a monoenergetic proton beam of 10 MeV on a target of Copper. We
want to see the k alpha (8.04 KeV). For to see the spectrum, we want to use
the card USRBDX and the cards to activate the photoelectric effect: EMF,
EMFFLUO, EMFCUT prod, EMFCUT transport. We want to put the threshold at 1
KeV to be sure to see the k alpha at 8.04 KeV and how many K alpha there
will be.

   1. Concerning URSBDX option (see attached file):

   -We have a doubt about wich "type" to choose and the meaning of them.
   -We choose the photon in the option "part".
   -To use the card URSBDX, we create around the copper target 2 thin
   layers of vacuum in order to give the direction of view in the option
   "reg... to reg"

   -We don't specify the min and max energy

   2. Concerning EMFCUT:

   - I have a doubt about the cut off, if it means the minimum or the
   maximum energy to be transported?

   3. About the run:

   It looks that we can see photon, but around 10 MeV and not 8 KeV.

Also, if we want to simulate a proton beam of 1 MeV, we don't see photon
with URSBDX.

*Bragg peak: *(see BP10.flair and inp)

We want to see the bragg peak of a proton beam stopping into a
scintillator. We want to see dE/dX according to dX. For this, we use the
cards URSBIN, in 1D.

   1. We are not sure about what means the Y axis (see picture BP10.png).
   More we decrease the area of the detector and more this value increase.In
   the picture, the peak goes until 0.07 in the Y axis, what it means ?

Thank you very much.

Kind regards.

D. Javier Lozano Díaz
Técnico de apoyo en Radioprotección
Centro de láseres Pulsados Ultracortos (CLPU)
Calle Adaja nº8 C.P. 37185 Villamayor, Salamanca.
Edificio M5, Parque Científico USAL.
*Tel:* 923 338 121 *Ext:* 26
*E-mail:* jlozano_at_clpu.es

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