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From: Santana, Mario <msantana_at_slac.stanford.edu>
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Try with the following limits for your third variable, min = 0. and max = 1E19.
Just use 1 bin for that variable (default as blank).


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Dear Stefan,
Firstly, thank you very much for your answer. My question was the second option. About the usrbin with what(1)=8, I do not quite understand how to set the third variable (float type) of special binning in my case.

Best regards,

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Dear Guang

If you use a region-independent USRBIN scoring (e.g. Cartesian or cylindrical) it will only score in the wire at the position of the scoring mesh (no matter whether overlaid on prototype or replica). If you want to score with USRBIN by region you can use the “special binning” option What(1)=8 (please see manual for the other what values in this case).

From what I understand from your question the second option (special scoring) is probably what you need.


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Dear fluka experts,
I have a complicated geometry which is consist of many small sub-structures as showing in the attached figure. To represent them in fluka, I use the lattice command (first 3 columns in yellow are the prototype, others in blue are the copies). So the question is that if I use usrbin for one of the wire in prototype, does it score the sum of the energy deposition of the prototype and all the copies? Then how to scoring individual wires for the copied lattice?

Thanks in advance,

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