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From: Stefan Roesler <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jun 2017 22:11:57 +0000

Dear Vladimir

Please copy your questions to

Your jobs crash due to a wrong argument list of OAUXFI whch is one argument too short. It works e.g. with

         CALL OAUXFI ('/home/nemo/tmp/spectrum.dat',21,'OLD',IERR)

In general, please always inspect if the sub-directory in which the simulation is performed (e.g. with name fluka_xxxx) exists and inspect the files inside that directory. In your case you would have seen that the job had crashed with a segmentation fault.


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Dear Stefan!

Thank you very much for your answer.

WRITE(LUNOUT,*) 'source spectr opened' now work.

But Flika still does not give a result. I tried to run FLUKA on the virtual machines Floppix and CentOS. No changes.

I would like to ask you to try running my example on your computer.
And further. How can I ask questions on the fluke-discussion?
Best regards
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