[fluka-discuss]: Accessing electromagnetic photons

From: Sourav Sarkar <ssarkar1_at_ualberta.ca>
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 23:18:12 -0600

Dear FLUKA users,
I am pretty new to FLUKA package which I am using to simulate high energy
hadronic and electromagnetic showers with user cut-off (PART-THR and
EMFCUT). At the end of shower, I require to have all the final particles
through mgdraw. However I noticed that the photons which are generated in
electromagnetic part of the shower (bremsstrahlung radiation) and fall
below EMFCUT are not accounted in ENDRAW entry.
P.S. particles below threshold energy are not ranged out as my cut-off is
fairly high.

I am not sure about the reason, which might be one of the following:
1. Are electrons and positrons assumed to have continuous energy deposition
(due to radiation) during transport, so that the secondary photon is not

2. The photons which are below the threshold energy might not be pushed
back to main stack from EMFSTK. I get the final electrons and positrons in
ENDRAW with ICODE=22, so I am assuming they are pushed to main stack from

Please let me know what would be possible reason for missing the photons in
my standard collision tape and what is the best solution for accessing them.

Thank you.

Sourav Sarkar

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