Re: [fluka-discuss]: Scoring for cosmic ray dose equivalent

From: Luigi Salvatore Esposito <>
Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2017 21:19:16 +0000

Forgot to post to the list

On Aug 8, 2017 23:12, Luigi Salvatore Esposito <> wrote:
Dear Tolga,
it’s difficult trying to help you since you didn’t report any details about your problem.

I recommend you to give a look to the slides<> about the scoring at last FLUKA course.
And, of course, feel free to post again if you have a more specific question.
Best regards, luigi

On 7 Aug 2017, at 17:22, HASAN TOLGA ADA <<>> wrote:

Dear FLUKA users,

I'll try to calculate dose equivalent for the cosmic rays on FLUKA. However I have some problems with the scoring. Here is the main problem, with the help of manual and the notes in the website, I try to make the correct scoring but I can't.

As you can understand that I am new in FLUKA and I couldn't have chance to attend neither beginner nor advanced courses.

I will be really greatful if you dear users can help me for my problem.

Best regards

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