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I tried to address your questions through the text.

>> Hello everybody!
>> There is a piece of copper in the middle of the hall and I need to
>> calculate the equivalent dose from all particles after interaction
>> copper with lithium ions with an energy of 18 MeV / nucleon and helium
>> with an energy of 27 MeV / nucleon. In this regard, I had a few
>> questions:
>> 1) After reading the correspondence between Alberto Fasso and Joel
>> DeWitt (June 24, 2009), I realized that conversion coefficients are not
>> available for ions and do I correctly assume from this that for my case
>> I can get differences with the experimental values?

Maybe. But your experimental values are what? What type of detectors? Do you know that they will be calibrated with the right dose equivalent values for all particles and energies?

>> Is it right that if I use an equivalent dose only for neutrons and for photons I still get the
>> wrong values тАЛтАЛof the equivalent dose? So everything depends from
>> primary particle, is it right?

Not sure what you mean. But if you filter your dose equivalent for neutrons and photons you will get fairly good results with FLUKA, as dose equivalent functionS are implemented for those. It does not matter that the primary particle were ions. On the other hand, there are many instruments to measure photons and neutrons, so you have a chance to benchmark your simulations.

>> 2) The results from URSBIN DOSE-Eq is pSv per primary, that is, to get
>> the value pSv / s, I need to multiply by 10^12 ions per second and
>> multiply by the operating time of the accelerator 1800s, is it right?Is
>> it possible to do this by using USERWEIG?

Yes, that is the way to renormalize. Yes, you could use USERWEIG, but it would be an awfully unnecessarily complicated way to do things. Just multiply your results by 1.8E15


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