Re: source.f - how "transparent" ?

From: Vasilis Vlachoudis (
Date: Fri Jul 06 2007 - 14:11:55 CEST

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    Dear Thomas,

    I am afraid this wont work. FLUKA checks the present of the SOURCE card,
    and if it exists then it calls the source.f which is responsible for
    pushing the particles in the stack. The only think you can access are
    the parameters defined in the SOURCE and BEAM/BEAMPOS definition, but
    the sampling both for the spatial and the energy distribution you will
    have to provide it in the source.f

    Best Regards

    Thomas Otto, SC-RP wrote:
    > Dear colleagues,
    > I need to define a particle source with circular diameter, emitting an
    > particles according to an energy spectrum.
    > The manual is not 100% clear on this issue, is the following approach
    > correct:
    > - I define the gemetrical parameters of the source in what(4)and
    > what(5) of BEAM and in what(1) - what(3) of BEAMPOS (the particles
    > will tracel in positive z-direction)
    > - I sample the kinetic energy from my spectrum within source.f. The
    > geometrical parameters are left untouched by source.f and are passed
    > on to the code, which will generate a gemoetrically extendend source.
    > Thank you for confirming or correcting this assumtion,
    > Thomas

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