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From: Wioletta Sandra Kozlowska <wioletta.kozlowska_at_cern.ch>
Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2017 15:33:48 +0000

Dear Ghafour,

Currently FLUKA is unable to run simulations with VOXEL that has RTSTRUCT embedded inside the file.
I assume that you want to create Dose-Volume Histogram.
The workaround for this problem is rather simple:

1) you run simulation with VOXEL which does not contain structures inside
2) to create DVH plots you use urbin2dvh routine, which you can find in flair in the Run Page / New .In the parameters, instead of VOXEL without structures you place the one with RTSTRUCT inside.
Parse also your processed .bnn file name, voxel position and output file name.
3) with your output file you can now create DVH plots using 1D Plots

This should work without any problem.

Kind Regards,
Wioletta Kozłowska

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I am trying to create a voxel file by embedding RS (structure) into my file, but it seems there is a problem as I cant run the simulation. I tried to create another voxel file without adding RS and run the simulation which worked without any problems.
Could you please explain how to make this to work, or advice me if there is a problem with this part of flair?

I am trying to use RTSTRUCT in order to specify a region of interest and calculate dose in various regions (OARs) which I have outlined them already.
I would appreciate it if you could advice me with an alternative to creating a region of interest inside the Voxel file other than using RTSTRUCT.

Many thanks,
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