RE: [fluka-discuss]: scoring alpha with USRBIN

From: Eleftherios Skordis <>
Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2017 15:27:37 +0000

Dear Sandipan,

First of all, the main reason why you get 0 values is because you have not enabled the pointwise cross section for the Li-6 in order to explicitly transport the alpha particles. Therefore scoring fluence and energy deposition of aplha particles gives you 0 since they are not generated.

You need a LOW-NEUT card to enable the Point Wise cross-sections.
Also follow the instructions bellow, found in the manual, and you should get your results:

Point 5 of the LOW-NEUT card in the manual
        5) Pointwise neutron transport, fully alternative to the groupwise
            one, is available only for 1-H (above 10 eV) and 6-Li (all
            reactions), by setting WHAT(6) = 1.0 or 11.0. In the case of 6-Li,
            in order to get the pointwise treatment it is mandatory to define
            the respective monoisotopic material through a MATERIAL card and
            name it LITHIU-6 (or with a character string containing LI-6 or

Secondly you should the set the end Region of your USRBIN scoring to be the same as the initial region (e.g. detectr1).

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: scoring alpha with USRBIN

Dear Experts,

I wanted to simulate energy disposition and number of alpha particles
generated by the interaction of thermal neutrons with Li6 placed inside
a moderating sphere. Though I am able to score alphas through RESNUCLE
card, using of USRBIN card along with AUXSCORE is yielding zero result.
Can anybody suggest, where I am making the mistakes. I have attached an
I/P file.


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