[fluka-discuss]: MAT-PROP and new material defining

From: Agnieszka Witkowska <witkowskaagnieszka07_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2017 22:43:40 +0200

Dear Fluka Users,

I encountered a problem using MAT-PROP card.

I am simulating radioactive decay of the radium isotope and measuring the
dose equivalent by USRTRACK card in high pressure ionization chamber in
volume defined as sphere filled with argon.

I was trying to apply by MAT-PROP card pressure of 25atm for argon, leaving
other parameters as default ones. For that purpose I defined a new material
with name "ARGONHP", with atomic number 18 and atomic weight 40 (the same
as for default argon) and assigned it to MAT-PROP card and sphere filled
with argon. Unfortunately, my simulation crashed, it is not running, even
.err is not created.

In order to find out if the problem is with MAT-PROP card or with the
definition of MATERIAL card for new ARGONHP I removed MAT-PROP card and
just left MATERIAL card for the new argon ARGONHP. Simulation crashed once
again so my assumption is that the problem is with adding new material with
the same atomic number and atomic weight as has the predefined one.

Can You please advise if my assumption is correct? Can You please help me
how to correctly assign 25atm for argon?

Best regards,
Agnieszka Witkowska

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