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Dear Tolga,

In order to score decay radiation, you must associate the scoring detector with a decay time using DCYSCORE card. Please carefully read the notes to the manual page of this card. Keep in mind, that only the decay photons, electrons and positrons with energies above their transport threshold are transported. Because of this you may need to set different thresholds for prompt and decay electromagnetic radiation using EMF-CUT and RADDECAY cards. Particular settings depend on your problem. The attached screenshot has very limited information. Sending input file could be more useful.

A good resource for starting with activation problems is the radioactivity lecture from one of the previous FLUKA courses:

You can also find working examples, such as this activation exercise:

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Dear Fluka users,

I just try to learn basic decay input and try to observe the radioisotopes after the collusion between the beam and several target materials.
However I have some problems with the scoring part of my project. I can get all particle spectrum, but I couldnot get it for radioisotopes.

In my project I added usrbin, usrtrack and resnucle card such as in the attachment.

I'm really glad if you dear distinguished friends can help me about my problem.

Best regards...

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