Re: [fluka-discuss]: How to distinguish the contribution of absorbed doses from different particles?

From: Francesc Salvat-Pujol <>
Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018 17:34:48 +0100


The "photon dose" you are scoring is most likely due to to photons that
drop below transport threshold, whose energy is deposited on the spot in
the simulation. This energy deposition is "artificial": varying the
transport thresholds you would get different results. Physically, the
point is that energy is ultimately deposited by electrons, as discussed
in a more pedagogical way here:



On Fri, Dec 15 2017, at 10:10 +0800, wrote:
>Dear FLUKA experts,
>I'm using photons to hit the target made of copper, air, and iron. I want to
>know the absorbed dose(in Gy) of the target, and since the highest energy of
>photon is higher than several MeV I also opened the photonuclear card in all
>energies. I use USRBIN card to record the absorbed dose, and also want to
>distinguish the contributions of different particles(eg. photons, neutrons,
>and so on). So I also set AUXSCORE card. But I cannot understand the
>results. For example, the USRBIN card 1 told me that the total dose is 1E7
>Gy, but USRBIN card 2 told me that the dose caused by photon is 3E4 Gy, and
>the third card showed me the dose caused by neutron is only 1E2. What is the
>reason for this? And where is other doses come from, electrons? Or that's
>because the way I'm using AUXSOCRE card or the way I want to distinguish the
>contribution of particles is incorrect? If so, what is the correct way?
>Thanks for your help!

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