[fluka-discuss]: Fluka2011.2c.6 is now compiled with Gfortran 7.2.1

From: Alfredo Ferrari <alfredo.ferrari_at_cern.ch>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 10:45:30 +0100


following some messages on the discussion list, we would like to
clarify that there are now two Gfortran compiled tar files on the Fluka
web site for Fluka2011.2c.6.

The "standard" one, fluka2011.2c-linux-gfor64bitAA.tar.gz, is now
compiled with Gfortran 7.2.1 and it will work successfully only if
you have Gfortran = 7.x installed.

The one compiled with Gfortran 6.3 is still available with the name
fluka2011.2c-linux-gfor6.3-64bitAA.tar.gz for those who do not yet have
Gfortran 7.x installed.

The one compiled with g77, fluka2011.2c-linuxAA.tar.gz, is also available.

Attempts to run Fluka compiled with Gfotran 7.x on a machine running
Gfortran 6.x and viceversa will fail with strange errors.
Unfortunately it seems that every new Gfortran major version is breaking
compatibility with previous ones.

So please be careful in picking up the tar file suitable for you.

Also we urge to upgrade to Gfortran 7.x since future new releases will
likely be available only with that version.

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