RE: [fluka-discuss]: Card for scoring photons after neutron activation

From: Eleftherios Skordis <>
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2018 10:45:55 +0000

Dear Sizwe,

Please take a look at the notes of the card USRBDX.
USRBDX provides results in units of cm-2 GeV-1 sr-1 per second, when used with irradiation profiles. If you provide energy bins but no Area input and no solid angle bins then it is just Counts/GeV (dN/dE) per second. In flair while ploting, in the Value listbox, you can select DX*Y which will eventually plot you Counts/second for the selected bins.

However, I strongly suggest that you use the isolethargic way of ploting, which is much more intuitive and information rich way of showing results which also enables easy comparison with other results that possibly did not have the same energy bin size. To plot a lethargy plot you should select from the Value listbox <X>*Y which eventually will provide results in dN/d(logE) per second.

Hope this helps

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Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Card for scoring photons after neutron activation

Dear FLUKA experts,

I have been running simulations for neutron activation. Which card is suitable for scoring outgoing photons after irradiation such that they are are represented as counts? I have been using the USRBDX and USRTRACK card but they have different units on their y-axis (unless if I can normalize?). The DETECT card is also not helpful since I cannot associate it with cooling times. Please assist. Thanks.

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