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From: Ing. Alessandro A. Porta (porta@nuclearmi.cesnef.polimi.it)
Date: Mon Sep 10 2007 - 12:22:04 CEST

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    Hy, here you can find the VXL file (without ANY voxel region made of a
    single voxel !!!), the GEO file and the INP one.
    Please note: the run works properly without any problem on a 32 bit cluster
    with RedHat OS, on a 64bit workstation with Fedora 7 (32bit!) but it doesn't work on a 64bit cluster with CentOS.
    Each FLUKA (the latest available version) was download and installed in the
    same manner following the usual procedure but on the CentOS cluster I can
    work only with standard INP file without ANY voxel geometry.
    The cluster should be 32bit-compatible and the cluster managers are
    astonished about the situation. The g77 and gcc are compatible with the
    requested ones.
    I can't understand the problem.

    Best regards


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