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From: Paola Sala (
Date: Tue Sep 11 2007 - 10:51:25 CEST

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    I ran your input on my 32 bit pc: I get the message
       Organ # 5 (voxel region # 8) in the voxel geometry has
    only one
       corresponding voxel 320 335 37 are you sure ???

    I made a trivial check, writing down the voxel matrix as it is read in
    by fluka, and indeed I find only one voxel corresponding to organ 5

    This is NOT a problem for fluka, the message is there to warn the user
    about an uncommon situation. If you really "want" to have a 1-voxel
    region, no problem, you can run safely and ignore the warning message.
    If, however, your voxel model is such that there should NOT BE ANY
    1-voxel region, than it is worthwhile to check all the chain that
    produces the vxl file. ( I get 343x435x88 voxels, of dimension 0.0451
    0.0451 0.125, the TLD regions are composed of very few voxels, is this

    Now going to the 64 bit issue: what is the problem that you have there?
    Does the program crash? if yes, could you please send the out, err and
    log files? If not, could you specify better what is the problem?
    Thank you

    On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 12:22 +0200, Ing. Alessandro A. Porta wrote:
    > Hy, here you can find the VXL file (without ANY voxel region made of a
    > single voxel !!!), the GEO file and the INP one.
    > Please note: the run works properly without any problem on a 32 bit cluster
    > with RedHat OS, on a 64bit workstation with Fedora 7 (32bit!) but it doesn't work on a 64bit cluster with CentOS.
    > Each FLUKA (the latest available version) was download and installed in the
    > same manner following the usual procedure but on the CentOS cluster I can
    > work only with standard INP file without ANY voxel geometry.
    > The cluster should be 32bit-compatible and the cluster managers are
    > astonished about the situation. The g77 and gcc are compatible with the
    > requested ones.
    > I can't understand the problem.
    > Best regards
    > Alessandro
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