[fluka-discuss]: quenching and userdump

From: Shirley Li <shirleyli.phys_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018 16:00:12 -0700

Dear FLUKA users,

I'm trying to enable quenching in materials and record continuous energy
loss in userdump MGDRAW routine.

I inject 1 GeV electron in liquid argon. Without quenching, if I count all
continuous energy loss through DTRACK, I get ~ 0.9 GeV energy, which seems
reasonable. But when I include quenching through UDQUENCH, somehow the
total continuous energy loss through either the un-quenched(?) DTRACK or
DTQUEN for every primary event is ~ 1.5 GeV > 1 GeV.

Could anyone see where I made mistakes? I attached my input files.

Thank you very much!


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