From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Fri Oct 12 2007 - 17:06:52 CEST

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    On Fri, 12 Oct 2007, Sebastien WURTH wrote:

    > Result for usrtrack with ustsuw treatment and multiplied by the energy bin :
    > 1,41*10e-4 photons/cm²/incident photon
    > Result for usrbin with usbsuw and pawlevbin treatment : ~10e-3
    > photons/cm²/incident photon
    > The two methods give tracklengh fluence (cm/cm3/primary), but not the same
    > results, it is true.

    In USTRACK you have given a volume = 1, so your result is total tracklength
    (in cm). To get fluence, you must divide the result by the region volume.
    USRBIN calculates the actual volume and divides by it, so the result is

    Of course then you get two different values.


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