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    Thanks to all for your reply. I would also like to point out that in my input file EMFCUT command seems correct as pointed out by Mr. Alberto Fasso. Moreover, I have also feed the volume in USRTRACK command as pointed out by Mr. Sebastein Wurth. I am getting the same result as by Mr. Sebastein Wurth. So what is the best choice is still not so clear to me.
    To me, (May be I am wrong), The output from USRTRACK is particles/cm2 and the output from USRBIN is particles/cm3. Please tell your opinions also. As this is one of the basic quantities scored by any simulation, so it requires a detail discussion.

    With Regards,
    S. Chatterjee
    Scientific Officer,
    TLD Unit, BARC
    Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre,
    1/AF, Bidhannagar,Kolkata-64

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