From: Alberto Fasso' (fasso@SLAC.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Thu Oct 18 2007 - 11:30:25 CEST

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    Dear Jason,

    I always recommend to use LOW-MAT only when it is strictly necessary,
    and that doesn't happen very often. In principle it should not hurt in any
    provided it is used in the correct way, but experience has shown that
    many users tend to have problems with it.
    Now, I know that FLAIR inserts systematically LOW-MAT cards which are not
    needed, but I am trying to convince Vasilis Vlachoudis (author of FLAIR) to
    modify this feature.

    The manual is very clear on this point, so I copy here the relevant Note:

                 Option LOW-MAT should be avoided if it is not really necessary
                 (experience has shown that it is often misinterpreted by beginner
                 users). The option is NOT REQUIRED if the following 3 conditions
                 are all true:
                 1) the low-energy neutron material desired is unique or is
                    listed before any other material with the same name in
                    list 10}
                 2) that name is the same as one in the FLUKA list (see 5}) or as
                    given by a MATERIAL option
                 3) there is only one FLUKA material associated with that
                    low-energy neutron material

                 On the other hand, the option IS REQUIRED in any one of the
                 following cases:

                 1) there is more than one low-energy neutron material with
                    that name (this can happen because of data sets coming
                    from different sources, or corresponding to different
                    neutron temperatures, or concerning different isotopes, or
                    weighted on different spectra, etc), and the one desired
                    is not coming first in the list. In this case it is
                    sufficient to provide just as many identifiers as required
                    to remove ambiguity
                 2) The FLUKA name is different from the name of the
                    low-energy neutron material
                 3) There is more than one FLUKA material associated with the
                    given low-energy neutron material. This can happen for
                    instance when the same material is present with different
                    densities in different regions. In reality this is a
                    special case of 2) above, since to distinguish between the
                    different densities, different names must be used and one
                    at least will not be equal to the name of the
                    low-energy neutron material.


    On Wed, 17 Oct 2007, Jason Crawford wrote:

    > Hello, I am having troubles using the LOW-NEUT/PART-THR/LOW-MAT cards.When
    > I disable these cards my input runs fine, but when enabled, these cards
    > are responsible for an output message, which reads:
    > **** Fluka stopped in Lowset: undefined atomic density for the low en.
    > xsec mat. corresponding to the Fluka comp. mat. n. 10 ****
    > I have looked through past messages on the fluka discussion board to find
    > out that this may be caused by my LOW-MAT card for Nitrogen, suggesting
    > it should read:
    > LOW-MAT NITROGEN 1.0 -2.0 ...
    > (referencing the new code for Nitrogen, -2.0)
    > After making sure my :LOW-MAT card for Nitrogen was correct my simulation
    > still gave me the same error. Can this be explained? Can Someone help me
    > find the solution?

    Alberto Fasso`
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