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Date: Fri Oct 19 2007 - 14:25:09 CEST

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    Dear Yung-Shun,

    > Thanks for your kindly reply. I have a low level question. If I don't care
    > the waste of CPU time, can I set the DEFAULTS's SDUM to be PRECISSIO for all
    > simulations? Thank you very much.

    though - ideally - you do not care CPU time, PRECISIOn is not always a
    fully safe choice, assuring that all the physical processes important for
    your case are automatically taken into account. They are different
    according to what you are interested in.
    In general, I would suggest to adopt NEW-DEFA (no DEFAULTS card needed)
    and to explicitly set electron/photon thresholds by EMFCUT, possibly
    coupled to EMF-BIAS to avoid CPU time divergence. In addition, you should
    know if it is worth for your purposes to activate processes switched off
    by default (e.g., photonuclear and nucleus-nucleus reactions - crucial in
    specific cases - ) or to change other default thresholds (DELTARAY,
    PART-THRes ...).

    Hope this helps



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