Re: [fluka-discuss]: /home/mrakbari2012/./flukadpm does not exist or it is not executable!

From: Francesc Salvat-Pujol <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2018 16:47:07 +0200

Dear Mahmoudreza,

Unless renamed, the binary produced by ldpmqmd should be called


PS: make sure you run the latest FLUKA version from the website.

On Wed, Aug 15 2018, at 18:32 +0430, wrote:
>Dear FLUKA experts and users,
>I installed the one version before the latest version of FLUKA (i. e.,
>fluka-2011.2x-2.x86_64.rpm) and the latest version of flair(
>flair-2.3-0). Since I am calculating carbon-ion tail in its depth
>dose, I should use ldpmqmd, after typing
>/usr/local/flukagfor/flutil/ldpmqmd in the terminal, i tried to run my
>input file program by typing /usr/local/flukagfor/flutil/rfluka -e
>./flukadpm -N0 -M3 ldpmqmd2203DddinhomoXYZmesh as recommended by Fluka
>experts, but unfortunately, the following error has occurred
>$FLUPRO = /usr/local/flukagfor
>Error: /home/mrakbari2012/./flukadpm does not exist or it is not executable!
>[mrakbari2012_at_mahmoudreza ~]$
>Could you please tell me what the problem is?

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