[fluka-discuss]: simulation of x-ray divergent beam

From: <minalyn_at_barc.gov.in>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2018 17:31:13 +0530

Dear fluka experts,

I wanted to simulate X-ray beam along negative Y direction. It starts
from a point and then diverge along x and z direction and at a distance
of 180 cm forms a rectangle of 35 x 35 cm2.

I have few doubts.

1. I have to use source.f file to generate X-ray energies. As beam is in
negative y direction, i am using BEAMAXES card along with BEAM and
BEAMPOS cards. whether the rotation information is again required to be
given in source.f?

2. how to give divergent rectangular beam? I have tried giving deltaphi
for divergence in mrad and deltax and deltay as 17.5 cm, but i want the
beam diverged in x and z direction.

3. I tried to plot the output using BEAM-PART of usrbin, but could not
able to visualise the divergence.

Kindly help.


Minal Y.
IDS, BARC, Mumbai

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