Re: [fluka-discuss]: NaI detector response, mgdraw, and endraw

From: Alexander MacKinnon <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018 20:19:50 +0000

Dear FLUKA colleagues,

Apologies for this bizarre email which somehow came from my mobile phone in my back pocket. Nothing to do with NaI.

Best wishes,

Alec MacKinnon
University of Glasgow

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On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 6:13 PM +0100, "Alexander MacKinnon" <<>> wrote:

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On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 5:53 PM +0100, "Felicia Sutanto" <<>> wrote:

Ah! yes! you're correct!
For some reason I've been thinking that blackbody is vacuum (why did I even think blackbody is a vacuum....?????)
Thank you!!

Best regards,

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 12:11 PM Mikhail Polkovnikov <Михаил Полковников> <<>> wrote:

Dear Felicia,

I don't think I need to restrict the region where it deposits its energy.

Do you check that energy deposition has happened within TARGET region? It looks like the user routine scores energy deposition in both TARGET and BLKBODY regions, in that case all kinetic energy of the particle will be scored as energy deposition, and the result will be always the same.

For example in Geant4 a sensitive detector is created for a specific logical volume, like a region in FLUKA.

Best regards,

On 23.08.2018 17:03, Felicia Sutanto wrote:
Dear Mikhail and Anton,

Thank you for checking my simulation!
The detect card indeed shows the same result as geant, so It must be my way of scoring in mgdraw that's wrong.
But I cannot understand why my way of scoring in mgdraw is wrong...
I'd really appreciate it if you guys can tell me what's wrong with the following:

I commented out all of the write commands in mgdraw.f and
I changed the unformatted collision tape file to a formatted one (in MGDRAW, ENDRAW, and SODRAW):

Then in MGDRAW, I added:
mgIn = 0

and in ENDRAW, I added:
enIn = 1

and in SODRAW, I added:
soIn = 2;

This produces a trakfile with a list of the energy deposited (index: 0 and 1) and the energy of the source particle (index: 2):

           2 6.6169999999999998E-004


           1 6.61699974E-04

           2 6.6169999999999998E-004


           1 1.45529995E-07

           0 1.07328451E-05

           0 6.06724370E-06

           0 1.79876715E-05

           0 7.13503368E-06

           0 4.00992985E-06

           0 6.33815262E-06

           0 5.01241266E-06

           0 6.40999087E-06

           0 6.91474997E-06

           0 4.94164897E-06

           0 3.67576922E-06

           0 4.34047570E-06

           0 3.34160836E-06

           0 6.53870757E-06

           0 1.80250277E-06

           1 9.95420487E-05


           1 4.66763682E-04

In my post-processing, I added the energies with indexes 0 and 1, and tally them every time I go to index 2.
In my simulation, I only have a spherical NaI inside a spherical blackbody. I don't think I need to restrict the region where it deposits its energy.
Sorry this may be a very trivial question, but I am really not sure what's wrong with this way of scoring...

Thank you and best regards,

On Thu, Aug 23, 2018 at 8:52 AM Anton Lechner <<>> wrote:
Dear Felicia,

Indeed, as pointed out by Mikhail, it must be your way of scoring in MGDRAW or the post-processing, not the physics. Attached you can find the results I calculated with your input file using the DETECT card. The results are pretty much the same as you get with Geant4 (for 1E6 primaries, like you used in Geant4).

Cheers, Anton

From:<> [<>] on behalf of Mikhail Polkovnikov <Михаил Полковников> [<>]
Sent: 23 August 2018 12:06
To: Felicia Sutanto;<>
Subject: Re: [fluka-discuss]: NaI detector response, mgdraw, and endraw

On 21.08.2018 22:58, Felicia Sutanto wrote:
> Dear FLUKA users,
> I am a newbie and I have a question about MGDRAW and ENDRAW.
> I am trying to simulate a very simple case (input file is attached):
> 661.7 keV photon at the center of a spherical NaI detector (radius = 5cm)
> The purpose of this exercise is only to familiarize myself with the
> collision tape.
> I try to tally the energy deposited by summing over the DTRACK in
> MGDRAW and RULL in the ENDRAW. The result is attached
> (fluka_nai_result.pdf).
> I also try to do the same simulation in Geant4 and the result is also
> attached (geant4_nai_result.pdf). It seems that the Compton continuum
> is missing in FLUKA...
> Am I supposed to maybe include certain physics in FLUKA?
> Best regards,
> FS
Dear Felicia,

You can check an energy deposition process by adding a DETECT card.

DETECT 0.0 1.E-05 1.E-03 1.E-06 1. TARGETEDEP

How do you process the MGDRAW, ENDRAW and EEDRAW entries within the user
routine, and how do you process the collision tape itself? Both DETECT
and user dump work fine for me.

Best regards,


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