Re: Particle LET, Part II

From: Stefan Roesler (
Date: Wed Oct 31 2007 - 00:35:04 CET

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    Dear Joel,

    Could you please explain what exactly you would like to score? I am not
    sure that I understand what you mean by "charged fragmentation" (LET
    spectra for different charges?)

    If you post the input file I could have a look and test options.


    On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Joel DeWitt wrote:

    > BlankThank you, Paola, for your timely and on-target reply.
    > I've successfully scored LET and formed (sort of) a spectrum from this,
    > but without any fragmentation. Using the card:
    > * score the LET spectrum (in water) of charged particles
    > USRYIELD 2323.0 ALL-CHAR -41.0 PE CR39 1.0Yield
    > USRYIELD 200.0 0.0 200.0 200.0 0.0 2803.0&
    > I recover the expected primary ionization peak at the correct location
    > for a 1 GeV/n 56Fe beam. I've tried setting the second variable in the
    > double differential to "particle charge" and played with the upper and
    > lower limits without success. I must confess that I don't completely
    > understand this method of obtaining an LET spectrum since our method is
    > literally a histogram of binned LET. Curiously, when I do attempt
    > "particle charge" as the second variable, I get empty bins. The reason
    > for this is not immediately obvious to me. What would be the proper way
    > to score charged fragmentation?
    > Best regards,
    > Joel DeWitt
    > Eril Research, Inc.

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