Re: [fluka-discuss]: reflexion of optical photons at the boundaries

From: Andrea Fontana <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2018 08:03:12 +0200

Dear Pedro,
      you can try this example:


Il 10/09/2018 18:23, pedrojluque ha scritto:
> Dear fluka users and experts,
> I am trying to simulate a the signal generated by a scintillating
> material in some photomultipliers distributed around the scintillator.
> I would like to set total reflection of the generated optical photons
> inside the scintillator except in the parts where are the
> photomultipliers. This is, set total transmission of optical photons
> in the boundaries of the scintillator with the photomultipliers. I
> have tried to do it with the OPT-PROP card and SDUM=METAL but changes
> in the reflectivity do nothing (I mean, I get the same results for
> different reflectivities in the plascint region) so, moreover I think
> I do not understand well what this card does.
> I have also seen that this is maybe possible by using a user routine
> called OPHBDX, but I did not find much information about it.
> Attached is a picture of the detector's geometry.
> Does someone know how to set the reflection as I need?
> King regards,
> Pedro.

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