Re: Fluence-to-Effective Dose/Ambient Dose Equivalent Calculations

From: Stefan Roesler (
Date: Mon Nov 12 2007 - 15:24:57 CET

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    Hi Robert,

    FLUKA built-in scoring allows the calculation of energy deposition both
    for geometry regions and also in region-independent meshes (e.g., input
    card USRBIN). Energy-deposition (GeV/cm3) can be converted to dose during
    scoring using the user-routine comscw.f by adding the following (with
    ELCMKS = 1.60217733 D-19 it returns the dose in Gy)

          IF (ISCRNG.EQ.1) THEN
             COMSCW = ELCMKS*1.D12 / RHO (MEDIUM(MREG))

    The use of comscw.f has to be requested with the USERWEIG card.

    Dose equivalent is typically calculated by converting fluence with fluence
    to dose equivalent conversion factors. A corresponding routine is now
    distributed with FLUKA (flutil/deq99c.f). It is also based on a FLUKA user
    routine (fluscw.f) and thus its use has to be activated with the USERWEIG
    card. There are several conversion factor sets implemented in that routine
    (ambient dose euqivalent, effective dose). Please see the header of the
    file and its documentation for details.

    As you already mentioned LET can be scored using USRYIELD but only
    relative to the other quantities listed in the Manual.

    I am sure that the advanced user could score D(L) with the user routine
    mgdraw.f but I wonder if the above (in particular deq99c.f, this is also
    what the subject of your email suggests) does not already provide the
    required answer to your problem(?)


    On Tue, 6 Nov 2007, Devine, Robert T wrote:

    > I am a beginner user of FLUKA and have applications in radiation safety near
    > accelerators. I wish to use simple models using ICRU Tissue Equivalent
    > material and calculate the distribution of dose in a phantom at a given point
    > and the corresponding energy deposited vs LET distribution at that point. I
    > would like to know if there is a built in scoring that would do this. I have
    > examined USRYIELD but it does not refer to the energy deposited. Rather than
    > try to invent a user routine I would request that persons on the discussion
    > might give me some assistance. If someone has user routine that might serve my
    > purpose could you communicate via this list?
    > Thank you.
    > Robert Devine
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    Stefan Roesler
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