Re: [fluka-discuss]: Error message

From: Horváth Dávid <>
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2019 12:47:07 +0000

Dear Jilberto,

based on the path to the rfluka script, you are trying to use an outdated version of FLUKA.

Please, install the latest respin: 2011.2x.4.

If the problem is still there, let us know.

Kind regards,
Dávid Horváth

Junior Researcher
Radiation Protection
ELI Beamlines

T: +420 266 051 283
M: Za Radnicí 835, 25241 Dolní Břeľany, Czech Republic

From: <> on behalf of jilberto Zamora Saa <>
Sent: 04 January 2019 12:19:46
To: fluka-discuss
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Error message

Dear fluka expert

I'm running a simulation of gold Ions hitting tungsten target. I'm running the simulation in a cluster and at a certain point the execution terminated and I got the next message:

/opt/software/fluka/2011.2x-2/x86_64/flutil/rfluka: line 361: 44146 Floating point exception(core dumped) ${EXE} < $INPN 2> $LOGF > $LOGF

do you have any idea about what this message does mean?

thank in advance,

BTW: My input file is attached

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