[fluka-discuss]: RE: USRBDX zeroes below 340kev photon beam

From: 委v鋱k Aleksandras <aleksandras.sevcik_at_ktu.edu>
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2019 21:32:21 +0000

In addition, as alternative, I used USRBIN Beampart in 1x1x2 mesh to calculate the attenuation coefficient as well. In this option I the minimal energy which still gives the results was 34 keV. If smaller, like 33 keV, gives me zeroes even with 29x1E7 primaries. I tried single scattering option, but no changes. However, in the manual I read that ~10kev of primary photons still should work, so I guess it's my mistake which I cannot see?.


From: 委v鋱k Aleksandras
Sent: Wednesday, 6 February, 2019 21:24
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Subject: USRBDX zeroes below 340kev photon beam


I was using usrbdx to score the current for linear mass attenuation calculation. The values were nicely matched against NIST tables, until I reached specifically 0.33 MeV beam value, and despite any change of parameter: a thickness, no of primaries, even a material itself - I get zeroes in output usrbdx sum.lis file no matter what I do. Yet 0.34 MeV still gives a result. What mistake here I am making? *.inp attached,


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