Re: [fluka-discuss]: Timed-Out while running a source routine in Docker

From: Horváth Dávid <>
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 23:51:54 +0000

Dear Gonzalo,

for some reason an invisible character was at the beginning of the first line of the spectrum file. FLUKA ran successfully after I removed it.

You can find the corrected file attached.

Kind regards,
Dávid Horváth

Junior Researcher
Radiation Protection
ELI Beamlines

T: +420 266 051 283
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From: <> on behalf of Gonzalo Farga Niñoles <>
Sent: 19 February 2019 21:45:52
Subject: [fluka-discuss]: Timed-Out while running a source routine in Docker

Dear experts,

I'm a fairly new Fluka user interested in simulating a x-ray source.
To do so, I've been trying to run an example posted by Mr. Polkovnikov
in the archive:

The example is run perfectly fine when the source routine isn't
attached, but, when I do so, the simulation either times out or it
doesn't start transporting particles.

Attached to this e-mail you'll find the input, the source routine and
the spectrum.dat. I don't know any Linux beyond basic commands, so the
source routine hasn't been modified, at least on purpose.

Thank you for your help. Best Regards,


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