New respin: fluka2006.3b.10

From: Alfredo Ferrari (
Date: Mon Jan 28 2008 - 19:01:07 CET

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    Dear FLUKA users

    a new respin, fluka2006.3b.10, has been pushed to web site. It corrects
    the following problems:

    a) an error in the expansion optimization which could occur sometimes
    b) an array out of bound due to a mistyped index which could occur
        for events with very large secondary stacks (ie very high energies,
        at least one user, J.Clem, is know to be affected)

    If you don't use parentheses in the geometry decsription and we never
    met b) you are not urged to upgrade.

    At the same time I would like to inform all users that following
    some mis-functioning of our mailing lists (in particular of the
    subscribing procedure), the following action have been taken

           the fluka-users list has been regenerated from scratch including
           all registered FLUKA users. If you do not wish to stay on this (very
           low traffic) list, please send an e-mail to:
                   unsubscribe fluka-users
           in the main body

    We apologize in advance to those who are no longer using FLUKA and
    who don't want to stay in the list. Unfortunately the subscribe procedure
    was failing randomly and it was impossible to recognize the users who
    didn't want to be in from those whose subscription failed.

    For the same reasons, users who chose to subscribe to fluka-discuss at
    registration time could have been missed. If you checked the box
    for subscribing to fluka-discuss and you never got any message (the
    traffic volume of this list is typically a few e-mails per week),
    and you are still interested in joining, please send a message to:
                   subscribe fluka-discuss
    in the main body.

    I would like to remind that fluka-users is a one-way only list used by
    the development team for announcements: active FLUKA users should
    stay in that list.

    On the contrary, fluka-discuss is the general forum list for FLUKA
    related topics, as well as the place where users can get help from other
    users or the development team. All list members can send messages and the
    list is moderated in order to remove spam.


    P.S. As usual, members of both fluka-discuss and fluka-users will get this
          message twice

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