[fluka-discuss]: Radiation filed at 1m from Co-60 and Ir-192 in air

From: Jyoti <jyoti.grg_at_britatom.gov.in>
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2019 11:54:08 +0530

Dear FLUKA Experts,
I have a point source(Cs-167). I kept a spherical detector around the source at 1m. The medium is air. For this geometry, I calculated the energy deposition and hence radiation field at 1m from the point source. The input file is attached. The results obtained matched with the analytical calculated value.

1) For the same above scenario, if I take the source of Co-60 instead of Cs-137. Then, how to proceed with single input file. The problem I am facing it is that Co-60 emits two gamma photons per disintegration.
2) Similarly, for Ir-192 how to calculate the radiation field? It emits multiple photons per disintegration.

Thank you

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