[fluka-discuss]: FW: Error:Fortran runtime error: Index '11' of dimension 1 of array 'acardx' above upper bound of 10

From: Sandra Aumon <Sandra.Aumon_at_avo-adam.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 16:25:49 +0000

Dear Fluka experts,

I am trying to run a Fluka file (I did not write the file myself), as in attachment, and I getting an error in the log file. I am wondering if it is an alignment error ?
At line 601 of file flkcgi.f
Fortran runtime error: Index '11' of dimension 1 of array 'acardx' above upper bound of 10

Error termination. Backtrace:
#0 0x7f072775837a in ???
#1 0x7f0727758f15 in ???
#2 0x7f07277592e7 in ???
#3 0x563eef8f294f in flkcgi_
at /home/alfredo/fluprogfor/comlatmvax/flkcgi.f:601
#4 0x563eef7fcf48 in geoinp_
at /home/alfredo/fluprogfor/geolatmvax/geoinp.f:238
#5 0x563eef72d934 in flukam_
at /home/alfredo/fluprogfor/mainmvax/flukam.f:3022
#6 0x563eef72c2fb in fluka
at /home/alfredo/fluprogfor/mainmvax/fluka.f:307
#7 0x563eef72c2fb in main
at /home/alfredo/fluprogfor/mainmvax/fluka.f:310

In addition, in the *.err file, I get several message as following, and I am wondering if it will prevent the simulation to run.

**** Old Flair Expression format no longer supported ****
 **** remove as soon as possible, temporary support ****
 **** will stop with the next release ****

Thank you very much!

Sandra Aumon
Accelerator Physicist – Beam Dynamics

O: | M: 0041767512637
W: www.avoplc.com | T: _at_AdvOnco<https://twitter.com/AdvOnco>

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