[fluka-discuss]: importances Portland concrete

From: Moritz Ganter <moritz.ganter_at_hs-furtwangen.de>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 19:27:10 +0200

Hello everybody :)

I am new to FLUKA so i have some questions.
Currently i have to simulate 7 layers of Portland concrete. Every layer has its own usertrack to detect the measurements.
My Beam is an isotropic NEUTRON radiation source, is 35cm away from the first layer of concrete and has energies ranging from 1E-2GeV to 1E-12GeV.
May last usertrack shows errors above 5% and i need to get it below.
After running on 1300000000 particles i finally managed to get it under 5%, but it took me 3 days to run.
How can i set importances to the layers (or usertracks?) using biasing to get the same results in less time? Couldn't get it to work properly.

Thank you in Advance
Moritz Ganter

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