[fluka-discuss]: Comparing dose in USRBIN to energy flow difference in USRBDX

From: micha weiss <michaweiss89_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2019 10:11:13 +0300

Hey FLUKA experts..
I am trying to compare dose-EM in region binning (path length estimator) to
the difference of energy of outgoing to incoming gamma and E+E- estimated
by USRBDX (surface estimator).

I have a 5^3 cm^3 LIF crystal and I use a 0.1,0.5,5,10 MeV gamma source.

I take the current (DI/DE) passing the surface multiply by the width of the
bin and multyply by the energy per bin (DI/DE)*DE*E the I sum the bins. My
understanding that this is the energy passing the surface. I then take the
difference of the outgoing to the incoming gamma and E+-E+ energy to the
LIF crystal and divide it by density of LIF. This is the same as dose-EM.

For dos-EM per region in USRBIN I just divide by the volume to get correct

When I divide what I get for dose-EM from USRBIN by USRBDX they are almost
identical but I get that there is a deviation that depends on the gamma
source energy.
(dose-EM)_USRBDX/(dose-EM)_USRBIN = 0.90 for 0.1 MeV gamaa
(dose-EM)_USRBDX/(dose-EM)_USRBIN = 0.99 for 0.5 MeV gamaa
(dose-EM)_USRBDX/(dose-EM)_USRBIN = 1.05 for 5 MeV gamaa
(dose-EM)_USRBDX/(dose-EM)_USRBIN = 1.15 for 10 MeV gamaa
What am I doing incorrectly?

Thank you for the help.

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