[fluka-discuss]: explicit transportation of heavy recoils produced by neutrons

From: <arghyac_at_barc.gov.in>
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2019 15:17:16 +0530

Dear FLUKA experts,

I would like to simulate a parallel beam of neutron (Energy = 65 MeV)
incident on a ICRU-FOUR element tissue SLAB. It is expected that proton,
Alpha and heavy recoils such as Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen will be
generated. I would like to include detailed transport of protons and
heavy recoils.

However, as per the manual, FLUKA transports proton explicitly but for
heavy recoils like Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen energy is deposited at
the point of origin using KERMA Co-efficient. That means, in FLUKA,
heavy recoils produced by incident neutrons are not transported

Is there any method using which all these heavy recoils can be
transported explicitly?

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Thanking you in advance.

with regards,
Arghya C

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