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From: Luigi Salvatore Esposito <>
Date: Sun, 2 Jun 2019 15:50:46 +0000

Dear Nacira,
please keep the emails on the list.
From your geometry snapshot, it looks like that the axis fo your iridium source is along the z-axis,
therefore no need for a ROTPRBIN (which you have not defined though).
For additional help, please send your input file or a minimal version of it.
Best, luigi

On 2 Jun 2019, at 15:29, Nacira HANOUF <<>> wrote:

Dear Luigi,
thank you for your reply,
I want to calculate the iridium source dose at the (x, z) plane using the usrbin card, I added the ROTDEFI card as you suggested but i still have difficulty applying it. I think it is to calculate the dose at the (x, z) plane from the angle 0° corresponds to the +z-axis to the angle 180° corresponds to the -z (and 90° corresponds to +x) with an increase of 5°, the z axis must be converted to y, x to z and y to x.
Any help is appreciated.

Le dim. 2 juin 2019 à 09:55, Luigi Salvatore Esposito <<>> a écrit :
Dear Nacira,
as indicated by the name, a cylindrical mesh R-Phi-Z is oriented along the Z-axis of the reference frame.
(From the manual: Phi is the azimuthal angle around the Z axis, measured from -pi to +pi relative to the X axis.)

If you want to change the orientation of the cylindrical mesh, you can use a ROT-DEFI transformation and associate it to the USRBIN via the ROTPRBIN card.
An example of a cylindrical mesh with its axis parallel to the x-axis of the reference frame is shown at the end of the section ROTDEFI in the manual.

Lastly, in Flair you can define a new layer (in the geometry tab) to superimpose the USRBIN in your geometry and visually check that it corresponds to your intention.
More details in the Flair manual.

Hope this could help.
Best regards, luigi

> On 1 Jun 2019, at 17:21, Nacira HANOUF <<>> wrote:
> dear fluka experts,
> I am confused about the geometry in USRBIN cards in structure of the mesh R-Phi-Z.
> I want to know the direction of R and Z for the attached source image (Source coordinate system is at the bottom left of the image)
> <Capture.PNG>


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