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Dear Andrea,

Thank you for this information. I will have a read of the suggested paper.

Kind regards,

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Dear Hannah,
      the calculation of scattering lengths in Fluka is based on the seminal work by J. Ranft and collaborators in the 70s and was updated in the modern releases. The basic definitions can be found in the literature: look at the history of Fluka section in the manual and at the references by J. Ranft therein.

A good starting point might be:
J. Ranft
Estimation of radiation problems around high energy accelerators using calculations of the hadronic cascade in matter Part. Accel. 3, 129--161 (1972)

Hope this helps.
Kind regards,

On 09/07/2019 15:15, Cook, Hannah wrote:
> Dear Fluka Experts,
> I was wondering if you could shed some light on how Fluka calculates
> the inelastic scattering length and elastic scattering length for a
> materials please.
> I look forward to hearing from you.
> Kind regards,
> Hannah Cook
> UCL/NPL PhD student

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