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Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2019 16:58:12 +0530

Dear FLUKA Experts,


A sample input using LATTICE card is attached here. My intention is to
replicate the region called "BOUND" (which is an RPP) in 6 directions with
transformations delta x = + 0.5 , delta x = - 0.5; delta y = + 0.5 , delta y
= - 0.5; delta z = + 0.5 , delta z = - 0.5 .


In the input I have made two replicas considering transformations delta x =
+ 0.5 and delta z = + 0.5. I have the following doubts:


1. For every replication, I am adding one ROT-DEFI card; start
transform card and end transform card; within which I am adding the proto
type regions and giving them different names for replication; next regions
with the names of proto type and the replicated regions are defined in the
region card; one lattice card is added for every replication with different
transformation index. At the same time all these regions (proto type and the
replicated regions) should be omitted from the void region.


Is this the correct way of lattice replication? Because if there are many
prototype regions which need to be replicated 5 times in all 6 direction,
then it will end up with a messy input with lot of different replicated
region names. Is there any other way of replication by adding single
transform card (at least along each axis) ?


2. While viewing the geometry, the material in the replicated region
is showing vacuum although water is assigned in both proto type and
replicated regions . Does this mean that the replication is not correctly


Thanks and Regards


Riya Dey


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